Yemenis call for Islamic revival, condemning Capitalism

Global Ummah News Watch 12 பிப்ரவரி 2012


Press TV

A clear message thundered the sixty street of the capital Sanaa after Friday prayers, as tens of thousands of Yemeni protesters declared that their revolution will continue, even after elections on the 21 of February.

The Friday protesters chanted their revolution will continue, till the people are assured of all their demands.

When asked about the twenty- first of February elections, some protesters praised it, arguing that it will be a political strategy to end Ali Saleh's 33 year rule. However many protesters said they will reject it just as they rejected the GCC initiative signed last year in Riyadh.


Protesters also expressed that the upcoming presidential elections are a capitalistic plot aimed at downplaying the true demands of the Yemeni people.

This protester said capitalism and communism has failed, and that now is the time for an Islamic revival.

According to the peace initiative signed by members of opposition and regime officials, Mansour Hadi will assume leadership on the 21 of February and will lead the countries affairs for two years with the help of the reconciliation government.

Elections is a time when the people of a nation join together to choose the best candidate for presidency. However in this election, the Yemeni people will not have much of a choice, as Mansour Hadi remains the only candidate who will become the next Yemeni President. Many people have announced that they will not participate in the elections, and will continue to take to the streets to call for the fall of capitalism and the rise of Islam.


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